How to enroll & the Fee

How to enroll

When you would like to ship your product with VCCI mark or/and register your measurement site to VCCI, you need to be a member of VCCI at first.

More detail, please refer “Guide to Membership of VCCI”. Please send filled “Membership Application” form to the following address:

7F NOA Bldg, 2-3-5 Azabudai, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 106-0041
Tel: +81-3-5575-3138

After VCCI receives your membership application form, VCCI will send annual and admission fee invoice by both mail and email.
After VCCI confirms your remittance, your company will be registered as VCCI member officially. Detail information will be sent to the contact person by email.

Admission & Annual membership fee

VCCI fiscal year starts from April and ends on the following March.

Members who participate from or after October (second half of the fiscal year), the first year membership fee shall be half of the following amount. Annual membership fee invoice will be sent to current VCCI members in every April. (VCCI membership continued every year unless notify from a member.)

Today Overseas VCCI members with affiliate offices such as agents in Japan are subjected to payment of consumption tax on VCCI membership fees and other payable transactions. Today the tax rate is 10%. The VCCI fees table below indicates the 10% based fees for the convenience of members.

VCCI fee table
Transactions Membership categories Fees Applicable to -
without tax with 10%
Annual membership fees Regular member - A 800,000 JPY 880,000 JPY Companies submitting at least 70 conformity verification reports a year, companies whose executives are appointed chairmen, vice-chairmen or similar ranking officers at the three industry organizations (JEITA, JBMIA, CIAJ) that form the VCCI Council, or any companies affiliated with those companies.
Regular member - B 400,000 JPY 440,000 JPY Companies submitting 10 or more conformity verification reports a year.
Regular member - C 200,000 JPY 220,000 JPY Companies submitting fewer than 10 conformity verification reports a year.
Supporting member - D 100,000 JPY 110,000 JPY Companies with no submission of conformity verification reports but supporting VCCI operations
Admission fees 50,000 JPY 55,000 JPY All membership categories
Handling fees *note 3 2,500 JPY 2,750 JPY  

The above fees should be remitted to the following either of designated bank account:

Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd. Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Branch Toranomon Chuo Branch Toranomon Branch
Bank Address 2-3-17, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0001 1-2-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0001
Account Number 332-0015728 046-4040129
Account Holder VCCI Council VCCI Council


  1. Consumption tax (now 10%) is imposed for domestic members and overseas members who have branch or agent in Japan.
  2. The admission procedure takes about one week from receipt of membership application form to issuance of an invoice of necessary fees.
  3. Bank Handling Fee of 2,500JPY(with 10% tax 2,750 JPY) will be charged.
  4. After a new member company remits above fees, it is registered as VCCI official member and submission of the Application for registration of measurement facilities and applies for the registration of product conformity will be available.
  5. Examination fee will be charged for the registration of measurement facilities besides above fees.
  6. Please note that Admission fee, Annual fee and others, once paid, are not refundable under any circumstances.

Members can access to Members only page.
Members can download following materials.

  • VCCI label/mark
  • Technical Materials

If you should require any further information, please contact us directly.

TEL:+81-3-5575-3138 or click here.