Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Collection of personal information

VCCI declares that VCCI will strive to protect personal information based on the privacy policy formulated herein as follows.

Collection of personal information

VCCI will collect personal information, as necessary, of users of services provided by VCCI and of people directly and indirectly engaged in VCCI undertaking. The collection is carried out in principle by the consent of the owner of the information to be collected.

Use of personal information

VCCI will use collected personal information only for the following purposes. VCCI will not disclose collected information to third parties without consent of the information owner unless justified by special circumstances.

  1. Verification of the person, administration on application for service subscription, and notification of changes to conditions, suspension, cancellation of services and dissolving of agreement
  2. Communication of important information including a notice of plenary meetings and interactions between committee members necessary for the operation of VCCI
  3. Dissemination of information on various VCCI services and surveillance for improvement of such services

VCCI may use or disclose personal information for other purposes than specified above in either of the following situations.

  1. Demanded by law
  2. Agreed by the owner of information
  3. Handling of necessary information entrusted to contractors for the operation of VCCI (e.g. delivery of mails subcontracted to a delivery company that uses names and addresses provided by VCCI for the purpose)

Control of personal information

VCCI will appropriately control collected personal information in order to prevent the information from unintended disclosure, destruction, tampering and loss. However, VCCI control does not extend to personal information disclosed by the owner of information him/herself or already publicized.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

VCCI will meet a request for disclosure of personal information by the owner of the information without delay if possible. The same is applied to a request for correction of personal information by the owner of the information.

Changes to the privacy policy

VCCI may change the privacy policy without notice. At all times the most recent privacy policy is applied to personal information collected by VCCI. Any change becomes effective at the time when it is posted in the VCCI Website.

Warning on the use of the VCCI Website

Use of the VCCI Website shall be done at the user’s own risk. VCCI will disclaim any responsibility for damages the user suffered through using diverse information obtained directly from the VCCI Website or indirectly from Websites linked up from the VCCI Website.

VCCI contact on the privacy policy

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