Apr. 1, 2019

As we have notified already, we no longer accepting registration according to Rules V-2 (compliant with CISPR22) as of the end of March 2019. Accordingly, the concurrent service period with Rules VCCI 32-1 (compliant with CISPR 32) has ended. Read the following carefully to ensure your full understanding of the details of the transition.


Figure 1 Acceptance Period for Each Version of Rules (New Registration, Addition, and Change)

For products registered according to “Rules” V-2 as of April 2019, the following shall apply:


Figure 2 Action to Be Taken for a Product Registered According to “Rules” V-2

Figure 2 shows how a product registered according to “Rules” V-2 should be handled.
If a product has been registered according to “Rules” V-2 by March 29, 2019, it can be shipped without a re-test, even after April 2019.(①)
Even if a currently-registered product’s content is changed, it can be re-registered according to “Rules” VCCI 32-1 without a re-test if the change does not affect the submitted conformity verification test data and no new measurement items apply.(②)

However, a product that has undergone a change that affects conformity verification test data or that must comply with new test items should be re-tested according to “Technical Requirements” VCCI-CISPR 32, and then registered according to “Rules” VCCI 32-1. Such a case will be handled as a new registration application. (③,④,⑤)
Table 1 shows examples of cases ① to ⑤.

Table 1 Examples of Cases ① to ⑤