What is VCCI?

Information Disclosure

Annual report

30th Anniversary of VCCI

VCCI Committees

  1. Steering Committee
    Oversees overall VCCI management issues as well as the various subcommittees. Approves and processes issues voted on and submitted by subcommittees.
  2. Technical Subcommittee
    Creates and revises Technical Requirements concerning electromagnetic environment of IT equipment as well as finds solutions to technical issues arising from Voluntary Controls.
  3. International Relations Subcommittee
    Accurately communicates VCCI activities as well as provides information on such issues as global standards and implementation procedures, leading to globally acknowledged VCCI activities. This is done through cooperation with relevant organizations, including industry associations abroad.
  4. Market Sampling Test Subcommittee
    Conducts surveillance of products distributed in the market. Actual activities are made of sampling of members’ products in the market, requesting the VCCI commissioned testing laboratories to assess their conformity with the VCCI Technical Requirements and passing final pass/fail judgment on each sampled product. Also the surveillance covers checking of adherence to VCCI rules via inspection of documents and displays on the products.
  5. Communication Subcommittee
    Responsible for VCCI publicity work.
    Edits/publishes the VCCI DAYORI, Annual Report s and other material for publicitymanages the web page, and participates in exhibitions.
  6. Education Subcommittee
    Organizes educational seminars for members' EMC engineers in order to improve understanding as well as enhance VCCI members' measurement technique.
  7. Registration Committee for Measurement Facilities
    Verifies conformity of EMI measurement sites/measuring equipment and approves registration for measurement facilities based on evaluation results.