What is VCCI?

Hi! I'm EMI!

Hi, my name is EMI!

Let me introduce myself
Call me Emmie.

I’m from a star named ITE where radio environment is good. Look at my chest. This is the VCCI mark to prove that I passed behavior test of VCCI on the planet earth by having trained myself hard. So I am trusted to do an important job for VCCI. What job? It is to keep radio environment clean enough for people to enjoy undisturbed use of their mobile phones, TVs, radios, personal computers and the like by conditioning the balance of uninvited electromagnetic emissions from information technology equipment. It is an amazing thing that people can keep comfortable use of their ever increasing electric and electronic appliances in homes and offices!

It is since 1999 that name Emmie has been frequently used in medeas such as video and brochures as the symbolic VCCI character as it is implicative as EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) and EMISSION.

Let me introduce myself
I am elastic from 2000 meters (wave length of 150KHz to 5cm (wave length of 6GHz). My height elasticity may further increased by training I am continuing.
Hearing ability
My ears have as wide spectrum of elastic hearing ability as from 150khz to 6GHz
I have charming eyes to instantly tell if an ITE meets VCCI requirements
Antenna made of accordion-hose type arms to catch disturbance emission
Earth made of accordion-hose type legs to conduct disturbance generated current to the earth
Trade mark
This is a symbol of my achievement through a hard training. But I cannot be content with it because there is no end to the training.

I want to kno more about VCCI