Jan. 28, 2019

As we have notified already, we will no longer be accepting registration according to Rules V-2 (compliant with CISPR22) as of the end of March 2019. Accordingly, the concurrent service period with Rules VCCI 32-1 (compliant with CISPR 32) will end. Read the following carefully to ensure your full understanding of the details of the transition.


Figure 1 Acceptance Period for Each Version of Rules (New Registration, Addition, and Change)

Registration Application according to Rules V-2 will be accepted until Japan Standard Time 17:00 on March 29 (Friday), 2019.

Registration based on Rules V-2 (after conformity verification testing according to Technical Requirements V-3 compliant with CISPR 22) will be accepted until 17:00 (JST) on March 29 (Friday), 2019. (March 30 and 31 are non-business days.)
After April 1, 2019, product shall be registered according to the Rules VCCI32-1 (after conformity verification testing according to Technical Requirements VCCI-CISPR 32 compliant with CISPR 32 Ed.2).

The registration system will be out of service on March 30 (Sat) and 31 (Sun) to allow for switchover of the registration system. As of 9:00 (JST) on April 1, only registrations based on Rules VCCI 32-1 will be accepted.

If you intend to perform a product conformity test according to Technical Requirements V-3 now, please hurry to proceed. Be aware that your registration process often takes two or three months to complete. If registration of a conformity verification test (according to Technical Requirements V-3) fails to reach us by March 29, re-test according to Technical Requirements VCCI-CISPR 32 will be required. Therefore, if you intend to perform the test from now on, we recommend that you do so according to Technical Requirements VCCI-CISPR 32.

For products registered according to “Rules” V-2 as of April 2019, the following shall apply:


Figure 2 Action to Be Taken for a Product Registered According to “Rules” V-2

Figure 2 shows how a product registered according to “Rules” V-2 should be handled.
If a product has been registered according to “Rules” V-2 by March 29, 2019, it can be shipped without a re-test, even after April 2019.(①)
Even if a currently-registered product’s content is changed, it can be re-registered according to “Rules” VCCI 32-1 without a re-test if the change does not affect the submitted conformity verification test data and no new measurement items apply.(②)

However, a product that has undergone a change that affects conformity verification test data or that must comply with new test items should be re-tested according to “Technical Requirements” VCCI-CISPR 32, and then registered according to “Rules” VCCI 32-1. Such a case will be handled as a new registration application. (③,④,⑤)
Table 1 shows examples of cases ① to ⑤.

Table 1 Examples of Cases ① to ⑤